The City of Peru, Indiana

Circus Capital of the World

From the Desk of the Mayor: June 6th Protest

From the Desk of Mayor Hewitt

To the Citizens of Peru.

Saturday, June 6th will mark another landmark in the history of Peru.

Several of our citizens will be participating in a peaceful march and rally at the Miami County Courthouse.

I will be attending this peaceful rally and I want to encourage everyone to attend.

I have attended several meetings and schooling on the results of some of the rallies in the past. Remember some of the attendees of these rallies attend them with non-peaceful intentions. I do not expect any violence from any of our local citizens; however, I along with the Chief of Police, the Chief of the Fire Department, and other area law enforcement agencies must prepare for the worst-case scenario just in case this should happen.

One thing I want everyone to remember. It does not have to take a rally to have a line of communication open with the Mayor’s office or Police Chief. Our doors are always open, and we are always eager to meet with any citizen to discuss anything.

I want to congratulate the young men and women who were instrumental in the organization of this peaceful rally and let you know you are the future of America and because of you changes can and will be made.

Thank you

Mayor Miles Hewitt