The City of Peru, Indiana

Circus Capital of the World

Mayor Hewitt addresses Peru Civic Center "reconstruction"

Office of the Mayor, City of Peru Indiana

35 South Broadway

Peru, IN

When elected Mayor of Peru I knew I would be faced from time to time with having to make difficult decisions. This is one of those times.

First of all, let me start by saying at this time I do not have any intentions on closing the Peru Civic Center. 

I am planning on reconstructing how it is operated. Being the Mayor of Peru I must be mindful of how the taxpayer's money is spent. I can not support the current structure when it is well behind the break even point and has been allowed to operate this way in past years. One thing we are looking at is an Event Coordinator instead of a Director starting in January 2021. 

I had great hopes for the Civic Center myself. Then this year, COVID hit creating more of a shortfall. I have had past meetings with Director Jayme Arthur and Susan Stanley. Jayme stated to both of us then she would be moving out of the Civic Center and she was not sure she would be continuing into next year as Director because she was not making enough money for the amount of time she spent working. 

One thing I do want to make perfectly clear Jayme will still be the Director of the Peru Civic Center until December 31st, 2020 unless she chooses not to be. Jayme has made a lot of friends and has prepared some excellent meals and I wish her all the best. 


Miles Hewitt