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Rummage / Garage Sale

151.066 Residential Districts

(J)   Rummage sales, garage sales, yard sales, or any other similar type of sale held by non-business entities or individuals for the purpose of selling or exchanging personal property shall:

      (1)   Be conducted at the residence of the owner of the personal property being sold and by the owner or immediate family of the owner of the property being sold;

      (2)   The tangible personal property must not have been acquired by the owner for the purpose of resale;

      (3)   Any person(s) intending to have a rummage sale within the City of Peru Jurisdiction shall be required to obtain a permit at no cost, which must be openly displayed on the site of the sale; and

      (4)   Personal sales shall be limited to two per calendar year, which do not extend more than three (3) days per sale; Those sales registered with the Miami County Chamber of Commerce community sales during the months of May, July, and September on the second full weekend (Friday and Saturday only) will not be considered personal sales.  and;

      (5)   Churches, community groups, or other groups that fall under the 501(c)3 tax exemption code may hold a rummage sale on property they own and are exempt from divisions (J)(1), (2), and (3) of this section.

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