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Sidewalk Rebate Program

The City of Peru offers a Sidewalk Rebate Program to assist property owners in the improvement of sidewalks.  The City of Peru helps with removal of existing sidewalks, including disposal as well as provides property owners a rebate on their investment.



  • Completion of the Sidewalk Rebate Program Application.
  • Proposed area marked in white paint.
  • Sidewalk removed to agreed dimensions.
  • Forms erected in accordance with submitted drawing.
  • Excavated area shall be filled and compacted with limestone chips to within four (4) inches of finished height (shall be six (6) inches wherever crossing a driveway).
  • Concrete shall consist of a five (5) bag mix with fiber added.
  • Expansion joints shall consist of ½” thick pre-formed material and installed where:
    • New sidewalk abuts to an existing sidewalk, driveway, or curb.
    • Every fifty (50) feet in sidewalks that are in excess of one hundred (100) feet in length.
    • In the middle of a sidewalk less than one hundred (100) feet in length.
  • Scored construction joints 3/4 “ deep every five (5) feet of length.
  • All work must comply with ADA requirements.
  • Surface finish shall consist of light broom finish applied from side-to-side of the sidewalk.
  • All forms and debris shall be removed and site clean-up completed.
  • Completed inspection form MUST be submitted to Building Department for reimbursement consideration.


Do I have to use a contractor registered with the City?  YES, unless you are performing the work yourself.

How do I get a list of registered contractors?  You can request a list at the time you pick up your application OR request a list via email to

How do I obtain an application for the program?  Applications must be picked up from the City of Peru Building Department located at 35 S Broadway, Peru, IN.


When can I expect reimbursement from the program?  Typically, thirty (30) days after your fully completed inspection form has been received by the Building Department.


How can I get an inspection?  Call the Building Department at 765-473-4881 to schedule an inspection.


How long will it take to get the old sidewalk removed?  A two (2) week notice to the Building Department is required to allow scheduling of demolition and removal of the existing sidewalk by the City of Peru.


If I have more than one lot, are they all eligible?  Each separate, taxable parcel would be eligible for consideration.

How much money can I get?  You will be reimbursed at a rate of $2.50 per square foot up to a maximum of 1500 square feet or $3,750 (whichever is less)

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